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So, I went out this morning to the store (so I could make breakfast burritos for the pup and I) and stopped by Tower Grove Park on the way to snap some photos.

If you’re ever in St. Louis, I would highly recommend a trip to Tower Grove Park… There is so much to see (pavillions designed in different architectural styles, a green house, carriage rides, fountains, etc) and I feel it’s often overlooked by Forest Park. I might be biased though….


anthropologie take flight tank anthropologie take flight top take flight tank anthropologie


What am I wearing?
Jacket: Vintage Children’s Moto Jacket thrifted: Similar faux leather version HERE for under $50 (actually on sale for $25 as I type this), or a denim version HERE that’s pretty rad – Also Worn – HERE and HERE

Top (featured over dress): Take Flight Tank Anthropologie old: a similar layered tank can be found HERE or HERE (in a more neutral version)
Dress (underneath tank): Urban Outfitters (old)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Skates, no longer available – I finally found a similar pair HERE for you guys… not the same, by any stretch, but a pair of carved wood wedges nonetheless – Also worn HERE
The rest of my day will be filled with writing and work… Exciting, I know…

like gossiping about hair color…

I’ve been debating this post. Going back and forth in my head about whether or not I should write it… But at the end of the day (literally – I’m writing this at 11:40pm), since it’s been on my heart and mind for a few days I feel it’s important. If for no one other than myself.


Life tends to be made up of a web of people. Some people we are connected with in multiple ways, others are further separated from ourselves… maybe only connected through one event. I hate to say it, but I fear I have more of the latter in my life. I don’t tend to let people in very often… or let people get too close. Some might think of me as a great friend to them, while I consider them merely an acquaintance.


This can cause some issues, unsurprisingly, I’m sure.


One group of such people I met when I was busy regaining my life and putting nutrients back into my deprived body. People tend to want to retain relationships formed in those situations as a way of reminding themselves of where the markers are. So they can have people acting as buoys to remind them of how far it’s safe to shy away from the shore. People who will call them out on their bullshit. I’m fairly well known for doing just that.


Despite the fact that I hate Facebook, I have not deleted my account, because I use it as a log-in on a couple of other sites. Consequently though, I only access FB once every few weeks (if that). My last post? Back in February. Anyway, a friend of mine told me that there was something written in a group we both belong in that I might want to read. A group that is mainly comprised of the type of people I mentioned earlier. People that think I’m a great friend and who use me as a buoy.


This group of women were gossiping about the sexuality of one of my (our) past doctors. They’d been Facebook stalking her (their words) and apparently because another female is in her profile picture that must be “her lady.” Other stuff was said regarding the scandalous nature of this.


My heart sank.


If there’s one thing that gets me to me quite quickly, it’s when someone decides to gossip about someone else’s sexuality. Gossiping about sexuality is like gossiping about hair color. You’re gossiping about something that’s inherent and just is. Nothing worth gossiping about in the least. Add in the fact that I really liked this doctor? It made me angry they would take something that’s personal and turn it into fodder. I know the truth of her sexuality (and have for quite some time – not saying she is or she isn’t) from running into her multiple times in public and have never felt the need to feed this game. Either way (confirming or denying), because (again) it’s something that’s personal and gossiping about it is like gossiping about hair color. Pointless. In some instances, in this case, it can also be cruel. This was certainly being conducted in a negative manner.


What these girls didn’t realize though (oh, but I assure you I shut them down and they deleted all traces of the incident) is that they could just as well have been gossiping about me. Yes, me, this girl that they all seem to think they’re lifelong friends with. This girl they text when they’re having issues. They don’t know my sexuality. They don’t know if I’m gay, straight, bi, etc… I could be.


What does this show?


Sexuality doesn’t make you likable or unlikable, good or bad. Your personality does.

Where Can I Find That? Tracking down garments from Pinterest (II)

So, I thought today might be a good day for another riveting round of, “Where Can I Find That?” (Round One can be found HERE)

You know the story, you’re perusing through Pinterest, you see this amazing coat. This bohemian skirt. These shoes that make you do a double take. Then what happens? You click the link and get brought to some spammy site… or tumblr.


I’m rounding up some of my fave Pinterest pins that have this unfortunate quality and showing you where you can locate the items.


J Crew Anchor SkirtI can be a sucker for a novelty print… and I rather like nautical things. I have never worn nautical before, but this skirt made me want to consider it. Turns out, it’s a J Crew Skirt that’s no longer being sold… However J Crew Factory has a VERY similar version HERE for just over $40


Bohemian Crochet Maxi Dress Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 9.33.39 AMThe above dress was located actually after trying to find the retailer for this aqua maxi dress. I wasn’t in love with the aqua maxi, but it had just enough of a bohemian vibe that I had hope the retailer would have other dresses that I could fall in love with. I was right. You can find it directly from the online boutique HERE


Shabby Apple Polka Dot SkirtI do love chambray… It’s sort of impossible not to working at Anthropologie, because it’s been a mainstay in our store for… let’s just say awhile now. So I really loved this look of a chambray shirt paired with a graphic polka dot high waisted pencil skirt. Now where to find a similar skirt? Turns out that comes from the Shabby Apple Boutique. You can find it directly through the shop HERE


Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 9.42.33 AMI’m a girl that does like the occasional sparkle and I obviously love mixing up masculine and feminine. This drapey, sequin covered blazer seems to fulfill all of those desires.

Similar ones can be found HERE (for under $60), HERE, and with a less sparkly one HERE


Twist Back TopThis pin actually bothered me, because of where you see it came from… Really society?

Anyway, you can find a similar top HERE for under $20




When Tulle Peeks Out

So I’ve been living at school these past few days… It’ll be nice when I’m down to one class come May 15th. Even better? Come June 15th I will be entirely done with classes and will have graduated on the 9th of August (if all goes well… eeps!)

I took these photos on campus this morning, so I apologize for the lighting and general cheese factor.

anthropologie apothecary skirt  rodarte target dress photo 2-34 photo 3-28What am I wearing?

Dress (worn under the skirt): Old Rodarte Target Dress circa holiday 2009 – similar HERE

Skirt: Anthropologie Apothecary Skirt (old) – similar HERE and HERE

Shoes: Anthropologie Partita Flats (no longer available) – similar HERE

and because flowers aren’t just for May… I’m linking up to the April Flowers Fest via BrynnKate, and Andi

Romping Around

So I wound up not getting called into work on this sunshiney Saturday. Considering the last two days I spent time in the basement due to tornado warnings, it’s very welcome.

I’m about to head out to the dog park with my lovely Moscato and this is what I’m wearing:accordance lace romper


Romper: Anthropologie – Accordance Lace Romper (old) – similar 3/4 sleeve lace romper HERE

Shoes: Urban Outfitters (old) – similar studded boots HERE – Also seen HERE and HERE

and yes, it’s a very simple look. As I said in my very first post, I’m keeping this blog authentic to me. I’m not going to put on outfits just to blog them. These are things I really wear.

I don’t wear a ton of accessories in real life (minus that Macklemore lyrics bracelet) unless it’s the fall. I also get into shoe habits where I wear the same pair of shoes over and over again for awhile. That’s real. That’s me. That’s what you see.


Why I Love Anthropologie…

I feel like I need to explain why I was so upset with what happened recently… (for those that don’t know, I posted a comment over at EA that someone construed as being detrimental to Anthropologie, and I was rather hurt by that)

I’ve worked at Anthropologie since October of 2010 (on paperwork), I technically didn’t have my first shift until that November. The manager at my store knew me from shopping there, especially since I had recently bought the entire Crowned Crane bedding set (remember that set? It lasted forever… until I got a dog – haha) a night that she was working.

I had recently completely changed my entire life. I had, in August, had to leave a full time job due to medical reasons (was forced to leave) and was going back to school. The women at Anthropologie embraced me. I didn’t become friends with them for quite awhile, but they were welcoming. Make no mistake.

Years passed and soon it was Spring/Summer of 2012.  Old habits caught up with me and I found myself entirely sick. I had a pretty bad heart condition caused by malnourishment and wound up with a feeding tube. One of my coworkers was so kind to me during this time… even occasionally bringing food to my house and putting it in my fridge.

Eventually? I was forced to leave Anthropologie (and school) due to a necessary hospitalization. I was only a part-time employee at the time (though I was working QUITE a lot of hours at Anthropologie back in those days, I was nearly full-time), but my manager promised me she would keep a spot open for me.

This was done under the assumption that I would only be gone 2-3 months, but I wound up not being able to return to Anthropologie until Christmastime, nearly 6 months later. My manager? She still kept her promise. She held my part-time position for me.

I will forever hold a spot in my heart for Anthropologie, I think, because of that. Not because I needed the job… it’s a part-time job, but because of the greater thing that represented. They didn’t throw me away because I was “damaged” as my other job had…

So when people think I would do something to harm the company I love? It bothers me. It’s not looking at the full picture. I have, over the years, found countless items for people over at EA that have claimed to be sold out online (there’s another way to check that picks up the small quantities that linger in stores – if they exist – even when it says Sold Out online). I wear Anthropologie all the time… and I like people to understand how they can get better service there (such as calling a store and ordering through them to receive free shipping AND that tip I mentioned a couple lines above about Sold Out items).

It’s an unfair judgment… like saying I will lose my job over a blog (I have had this blog since November 2011, but redid it quite recently) when I am not divulging anything that’s privileged enough you couldn’t ascertain it by going into a store and talking to a customer associate.


//I promise this will be the last time I bring this incident up//


Of Mushrooms, Studs, and Sleep

So I wound up going back to sleep, thank goodness!

After going to the gym, I headed over to Anthropologie to try on the Lithographe shorts. As much as I love those minty seafoam ones (and the fact that they are selling quite well), they were not for me. They made my bottom completely flat… They do fit true to size for those wondering as I took my normal 2 for higher waisted bottoms.

EDIT: Apparently I ruffled a few feathers (though I honestly don’t think I said anything wrong) so I’m editing out what used to be in this section… I’m a bit disturbed by some of the implications about me… or what I felt like were implications… but they don’t know me. They don’t know my story. They obviously don’t know how much I care about that company and would NEVER do anything that would harm that company’s bottom dollar and ability to thrive. I’ve promoted Anthro for a very long time and I know for a fact a lot of visitors to this site have left this site (via my links) and gone to Anthropologie’s website…

and my blog is not an “Anthropologie” blog. It’s my blog. There is nothing in the handbook (at least the handbook I was given in 2010) saying Anthropologie employees cannot have blogs, let alone that dictates the contents of their blogs. Nothing I have ever stated on this blog violates anything in that handbook. I am not sharing secret information. I am not sharing policies that are not public. I am not confirming anything. I am not stating when sales will take place or what items will be placed on sale. I am not sharing trade secrets (let’s get real… I don’t know any trade secrets, I’m a CA). 

Anyway, onto today’s outfit:

Toadstool blouse Andie Skater SkirtDoesn’t my hair improve things so much?

My hair was done by Natalie over at Arco Hair Company in St. Louis

Skirt: The Andie Faux Leather Skater Skirt from Topshop at Nordstrom that I wear all the time… So much love for this skirt.

Shoes: from Urban Outfitters (old). Similar Studded boots HERE

Blouse: The Toadstool Blouse from Anthropologie (old). You can find a mint blouse without toadstools on it HERE



New Hair, Don’t Care

So, I’m more than a wee bit tired right now, but my body never seems to let me sleep beyond 8am… Even though I strolled into my home at almost 3am… and fell asleep at probably 3:30 or 4.

Good thing I don’t work today.

Why’d I stumble into my bed so late/early?

Well, I got off from Anthroland at 10:30pm or so and my friend N was still painting her hair salon, so I went to join her. She drank PBR, I drank Moscato, we both drank vodka. Then we walked somewhere to dance in The Grove in St. Louis… which if you know me, isn’t usually my thing… But I let myself be free, even though by the end of it I was pretty sober.


I think, in all honesty, part of it has to do with a chapter I just wrote for the “book” I’m writing.


Anyway, here’s the new hair:

photo-22My hair is actually about twice as thick now, if not thicker. Incredible.


Oh and get some sleep now ladies, because I’m sure you’ll be up late tonight ;)


Of Treadmills and Yoga Mats

I’m about to head off to the gym. Friday affords me one of the only days of the week that I don’t have to go to the gym at a time where I am the only person there (read: midnight or 2am).

It is actually when I started going to the gym at 2am that I had a moment to reflect on the fact that I still wanted to dress in a cute sports bra and tank despite always being the only person in the facility (besides the night staff lady who knows me by name). I’d previously wondered who I was really dressing for… but after six months or so of this, I can safely say it is me. Gym clothes you love can motivate you to put them on and go to the gym it would turn out.

Here are my faves (sorry for the lululemon fans… I can’t rationalize spending that much on something I’m sweating in)

Strappy Colorblocked Sports Brafrom Anthropologie – available HERE

Open Back Fitness TankMy gym has a mandatory shirt policy, so I love the idea of this. Open and airy and inexpensive (from Forever21) – available HERE

273a0d3bf9560aca0c9d3b5a6a1bd087I love the urban feeling print and pops of color of this sports bra. It’s available HERE

running LeggingI do love a good running tight… and these would be good for yoga as well. Available HERE

One last thing that I want to get? This yoga mat from Anthropologie (available HERE)


I’ve also found myself drawn to Fabletics website as of late… and they do 50% off your first outfit… You can’t beat that!

Where do you get your loungewear, yoga attire, and gym duds?

Muted Military Tones

Yesterday I had a long day of time spent at the land of tulle and sequins followed by work at Anthroland. It was a “perfect close” night as they’re taking photos today of the back room, so my OCD was in high gear. My doctor actually has told me she thinks my OCD becomes more prominent the more I work there… I take medication, but certain things trigger it (it doesn’t impact my life the way it used to – at all)… things like feeling other people could get in trouble if I don’t do everything perfectly… So I fold and refold and refold items of clothing until they’re perfect. Which they never seem to be… But as I said, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was.

I didn’t get home until almost midnight due to that though.

So clearly, a comfy but suitable outfit for Anthro was necessary and much appreciated by the time I got home. This is what I wore:

military inspired military inspired 2 military inspired 3It’s actually a dress underneath the sweatshirt… This one:

Avant Garde Safari DressIt’s from a clothing boutique on Ebay, similar is available HERE from Nordstrom for under $60

Sweatshirt:  From Urban Outfitters (old) – Similar Open Back Sweater available HERE from Forever21

Boots: From Urban Outfitters (older) – Similar HERE

I like wearing muted neutral tones sometimes and the dress barely is visible inside the chiffon cutouts of the sweater, so I think it works well. The dress also funnels out of the neck of the sweater in a sort of avant garde turtleneck way.

As always I like mixing up traditionally male things like combat style boots with more feminine touches, like the very full skirt of the dress. The sweater/dress combo does make me a bit boxy from the front view, but I think it fits with the masculine/feminine juxtaposition. I feel like I am the most honest with myself when I allow myself to do mix these things together. I’m going to talk more about that some other time…

but for now I ask, what things do you like mixing up?


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