Look What I Got… at Goodwill

look what I got at goodwillI had to just stop myself from starting this post with, “so,” as I have realized just how often I do that. Whoopsies.

Anyway, my neighbor thinks this post idea is obnoxious. We shall find out if she’s right or not. I don’t find it obnoxious at all, but sometimes we can be oblivious to our own faults.

Penniless Socialite hosts a LinkParty called, “Look What I Got,” that happens on Thursdays (PS – she asked me to do a giveaway for this week’s, so go to her post to check it out and let me know if you like Altar’d State as well!). I thought I would participate (besides treating someone to something at one of my favorite stores), but with a twist. I will only highlight things that I got at Goodwill. Not resale shops, not other thrift stores, just Goodwill.

You see while I don’t mind putting down $400 for a dress, I also don’t mind not putting down $400 for a dress. I know some bloggers talk about things that they’ve thrifted (and maybe I am being obnoxious or conceited here), but I think I score some things that you’d never imagine were thrifted at a Goodwill. I want to show that these types of finds are not only possible but can happen frequently (if you know what you’re doing). Goodness… maybe my neighbor was right and this post is going to come across as obnoxious. Eeps.

Hopefully this won’t appear that way. But what were my recent Goodwill scores?


$595 NWT Goodwill rag & bone find

NWT rag & bone goodwill find "Hyde" pants

NWT goodwill rag & bone findThese NWT rag & bone $595 “Hyde” Merlot colored skinny jeans with lambskin leather front panels. Paid a whopping $14… which tells me Goodwill knew they had something… but didn’t quite know what. My guess? They didn’t notice the tag (shoved in the pocket) and thought they had a rocking pair of pleather pants – haha


DVF silk top from Goodwill silk flowy DVF tank from Goodwill  This silk flowy Diane Von Furstenberg tank with an awesome back. Super flowy. Super fun. For under $3 (it was half off due to it being the right hang tag – plastic thing – color)



Not too shabby for Goodwill, eh?

Trying to Embrace Sexy

I’m not a sexy girl. I feel like I am the antithesis. B thinks otherwise… that I have an ambiguous sex appeal. Chameleon-like. Resulting from my ability to pull off Blair Waldorf as well as I can pull off Rocker.

I don’t think so though…

At Body Central though? They sell sexiness. They sell the fantasy. They sell the clothes that are supposed to transform you into a sexy person. Transform you into a confident girl whose confidence grows with the height of her heels.

While I do wear high heels from time to time… I don’t hug my curves at the same time. I am a subtle sexy sort of girl. I am trying to step out of my box though and I started today by wearing a dress that hugs some of my curves (not a body con… I’m not quite ready for that yet). Funny thing? A customer told me that my outfit was perfection… when really? It was not my best work. I don’t know how to dress sexy so I imagine this bridge to this look (for work) will be a bit awkward at times.

photo 4-30

photo 1-59 photo 2-67You can see it hugging my butt… That’s something I try to avoid. Trying to step outside my comfort zone though…

photo 3-52  photo 5-13I’m wearing a dress from Femme Boutique in St. Louis (on Manchester), boots from HauteLook (last year), tights from Target, and a necklace from a craft fair (though there is a remarkably similar one at Body Central right now)

On Saturdays We Wear Plaid

Okay, so I know today is Sunday, but I wore this outfit yesterday (Saturday) and it seemed like that must be the case. Out of four employees at Body Central, three of us were wearing some form of plaid. Actually all three of us managers were… Each styled entirely differently.

And yes, I took the management job at Body Central. I will (maybe) talk about that whole ordeal later…

plaid and a tripp nyc vest with rung boutique skinny jeans plaid and a tripp nyc vest with rung boutique skinny jeans 2Is it weird that I am rather happy I, essentially, no longer have a thigh gap? There might be a little light shining through my legs… but it’s basically gone. Eating out with friends and not punishing myself for it has made me a WHOLE lot happier than that gap ever did.


I’m wearing that cool plaid top that you last saw HERE – a friend of mine bought it on a trip to China… oh the perks of having a friend (who travels the world)

It’s paired with a cool (believe it or not jean material) moto vest. Fully studded. Fully awesome. From Tripp NYC (Orig $159)

Distressed Skinny Jeans from Rung Boutique on Manchester in St. Louis ($20)

And in the spirit of wearing things I’ve worn on this blog before… I want to share a post I really loved reading… Over at Amy’s Fashion Blog she participated in a Monthly Remix. I think buying clothing you’re going to get lots of wear out of is SO important (I always tell Anthro customers to think about cost per wear). Consequently, I LOVE this post concept and her showing how she wore a vest as a part of SO many different outfits.

Now that I’ve exhausted my daily Caps Lock limit… I’ll end this post.

Looking to the Sun

It’s now pretty much looking for the sun as St. Louis has been rain, rain, rain as of late.

As much as I love the Fall, I’m not always fond of this transition period between Summer and Fall… I loved living in Seattle a lot due to how calm I felt the weather changes were. Seattle, I hope to see you again soon


I’m wearing a jumpsuit from a local boutique (the only downside is it’s a bit sheer on bottom, so you have to pair it with tap shorts underneath) and a floppy hat from Anthropologie.

moscato luxe fur bench from AnthropologieThe bench has arrived!

There is a flaw with it… but something I should be able to fix with the help of Home Depot. I would exchange it instead of going through the hassle (because it’s amazing), but Anthropologie is sold out AND I waited 2 months for this bench due to a back order…

So I wouldn’t be able to get another one and based on how bonded Moscato the dog is already with it I can’t do that.

Wardrobes I’d Be Willing To Swap Out For

So, there aren’t too many people whose wardrobes I would want to swap mine for… Mine has been carefully curated (and trimmed – newest trimmings HERE) over the years and is a pretty decent reflection of me as a person. It has quirk, designer, thrifted, couture, masculine, feminine, and more. Some day I will post pictures of my bedroom and closets… if my bedroom EVER gets finished (my bench from Anthropologie should be arriving sometime this month – backorder fun…)

Anyway. Whose closets are swoon worthy (for me)?

Blair Waldorf

Come on. Who didn’t wish they had Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe? Her phenomenal ability to mix patterns was television character perfection. She was daring and original… Her love of Chuck Bass? Even better and even more daring.

Here’s my fave looks of her’s (you can also follow my “Would Waldorf Wear it” Pinterest Board HERE)

The outfit that made me fall in love with Blair’s style. Season One’s “Blair Waldorf Must Pie” episode (where it reveals Blair’s vulnerable side… and her eating disorder). What’s she wearing? Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and a Trina Turk capelet. Perfection. Great colors.

Color clashing at it’s very Blair best.

Sophisticated sparkles

First season. First episode. Talking at the bar with Serena.

Something I think Blair might wear? Well… Something another Blair wore! Blair Eadie that is!

Check out this look on Blair’s blog HERE

Who else has a style that I love and closet that I wish I could raid?

An odd one… but Dance Mom’s Dr. Holly.

That woman is forever Anthropologie clad and looks great in it all.  No pictures available… but trust me, it’s a fabulous closet full of color and fun. It’s not even really that I want her closet… as much as I love watching Dance Moms and ID’ing all of the items. B thought we should turn it into a drinking game by having a drink every time I could successfully ID an Anthropologie piece. However, that seemed like it would be too easy to get sloshed. I nixed that pretty quickly. However, I still play WIDMH wearing on Twitter (pretty much the ONLY time I get on Twitter)

Natalie and I at the Yelp St. Louis Old Hollywood Ball
Skirt via Rung Boutique in Manchester, MO
Tank via Anthropologie (it’s reversible!)
Ridiculous Boston Terrier Clutch via Aldo Accessories
Photo Courtesy of Alive Magazine






Dog Wearing, Dog Walking

We all know how much I love my dog. Moscato is, essentially, the largest part of my life. One of the best parts of my life for certain and bringing her home is one of the few decisions I have made that I have never questioned.

Anyway, today I wound up not having to go into Anthropologie. Some weird mix-up. I was never supposed to work, then was asked specifically to cover a shift, and then was left a voice mail message telling me I was late (when I was actually still not supposed to be there yet), called, and was told not to come in after all. Craziness. So I got to come home to my adorable dog.

She was hopping up and down on her hind legs – telling me she wanted to go frolic – so I took her out. I tried to take photos before the journey, but she was so anxious to get to the park, there was only one – questionably – salvageable one

After I changed out of my Harry + David attire (why I took a management job at someplace that only allows jeans and black or white tops is beyond me), I put on the only pleated shorts I have ever loved… Leather ones from BCBG Maxazria. Leather shorts can go downhill very quickly, but the length on these makes that a non issue. Also, it was nice to be able to wear them due to the weather cooling down (I am completely excited for Fall!)


I paired them with my black BCBG ballet flats  and this tied crop top (that’s a bit too big) from Body Central (hint: that might be my new place of employment as a manager ;) ) that has little red bow sporting Scottie dogs.

photo 1-54 You can see Moscato’s absolutely unamused look

photo 1-55 photo 2-61 No one can find a patch of “perfect” grass like Moscato… and heaven forbid you try to separate her from said patch of grass. “butz mommy… grass!”

photo 2-62 photo 3-49 photo 3-50Not the most flattering photo of me (as I said the body central top is slightly too big so it makes my waist look boxier), but how could I not put this picture up? who needs vanity anyways? We keep it real in South City St. Louis

photo 4-29Photos taken in Tower Grove Park (minus the first taken in the Shaw neighborhood)

TBT: When I was a Wintergirl

So, a long long time ago I used to model.

Mainly for a photographer who thought of me as his muse. Enough of a muse to pay me accordingly and to pay for me to travel to different places to shoot with him. He mainly shot nature (published in National Geographic numerous times), but he liked my vintage look. He introduced me to other photographers (particularly during a shoot at the Ohio State Reformatory)…

Here’s a throwback to that period in my life.

65 - 26313_401550636467_506321467_5106242_2547315_n

1914831_401546211467_449701_n 1914831_401546226467_2178494_n 1914831_401547406467_3733600_n 1914831_401548631467_3748537_n 1914831_401548636467_3680213_ndigital memories – wearing a dress from Ruth’s Vintage Clothing in St. Louis


23438_383190091467_3374466_n 23438_383700091467_77128_nAir Karma aka Charles Gast – These were shot at the Ohio State Reformatory aka the place where Shawshank Redemption was filmed.

24915_341642616467_5776108_nThis was shot by the Graffiti wall in St. Louis. I wound up catching Pneumonia. Because I wasn’t wearing very much underneath the coat… I was wearing clothes, just not enough clothes for the negative temperatures… while on railroad scaffolding, by the water… I love everything about this photo except for my hair.


25152_404553766467_506321467_5193953_8021902_nSteven Bradley Imaging

25816_369109456467_506321467_4911162_4917748_nKatti Foster

25816_371158181467_4460278_nChris Paul – I actually made the dress I am wearing in this photo… part of a line of clothing I called, “Victorian Corpse”

26563_396965111467_168308_nBlue Rat Studio

Leather and Lace without the Harley

Finally got some sleep and didn’t have to go into Anthropologie. Since it’s my day off from Harry + David, I’ve gotten to spend a great chunk of time with Moscato. I should be cleaning though… whoopsies. But frolicking outside? So much nicer.

photo 2-59 Leather and Lace For Love and Lemons Dress Leather and Lace For Love and Lemons Dress Leather and Lace For Love and Lemons Dress Leather and Lace For Love and Lemons Dress Photos Taken at the Bull Pen Gate in Tower Grove Park

What am I wearing: For Love and Lemons Clara dress from Fall ’13 (orig. $198). Gold Leaf and Trails dangling earrings (purchased from Threadflip for $8 – use the link to get $5 when you sign up). Black leather flats from BCBG (purchased at DSW for under $40)


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