So Anthro gave out really cool 25 % off a full-price purchase cards for employees to hand out. We all got 10 of them… and most of my friends don’t share my extreme passion for Anthropologie. Consequently? I still have 5 of them left.

If anyone out there wants one – each code is unique – let me know!


**These are not being given out by Anthropologie directly to you. They are being given out via me – an employee who was given them to give out to whomever I want. I am not requesting or accepting compensation FOR these coupon codes. Merely comment that you want one. PLEASE only comment stating that you want one if you will actually use it. **

“Valid in US and Canada stores or through October 31, 2014 on any one full-price purchase. Offer does not extend to sale items, BHLDN merchandise, employee orders or previous purchases, and cannot be combined with any other discount. If shopping online, enter above code at checkout”



Bohemian Roots

There’s been a lot of unrest in St. Louis.

I’m sure you’ve all read the news reports.

The latest happened right in my own neighborhood. Yes, it was a decent distance from my own Victorian flat… but I was walking my dog when it happened and was a block or so away.

It’s been hard to write a post, because I felt like writing a post right after it happened and not referencing it would be doing a disservice. I put something on Tumblr about the incident and was met with such hostility I became afraid to post anything on here.

I’m not going to describe my experience that night.

I am going to instead move forward. I am fortunate enough to have this weekend and Monday off. I am going to spend it getting back to my bohemian roots… something I have been forced to shed as of late at work.

I think in times like these it’s important to remember who you are. Remember what you stand for. Remember who you are at the core of your being.


IMG_7647    IMG_7658IMG_7655 IMG_7656 IMG_7657 Fox Tights from Anthropologie (last Fall)

Boots from HauteLook

Dress (last seen HERE)

Moto Jacket from Body Central ($34.98)

Photos taken at Tilles Park in Rockhill

Small Miracles

I haven’t had the best past few nights.. or days I guess you could even say.

I told someone (B) I loved them – again and again, only to have them tell me months later they have no recollection of it.

Yowza, right?


Anyway, tonight I decided to go to dinner out. Not order in, but actually go, order there, and take it with me. I asked my neighbor to come with me. However, with a work deadline looming she was unable. Consequently, I went solo. I decided to walk – since it’s only a mile, maybe a mile and a half away. I wanted a White Gummy Bear Martini flowing through my veins… and I wanted some chicken pad thai and chicken satay to go… to eat at home while watching Bones.

Along my way, I ran into a homeless man. He didn’t ask me for money, but instead asked me for food. I decided to bring him with me to dinner, telling him I would buy him something.

Instead of going to a cheaper restaurant, I decided to go to the same place. We walked in, went to the bar, and sat down.

I sat there, watching him stare at the menu. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the prices ($14-$21 for an entree), so I told him he was welcome to get whatever he wanted. He told me he couldn’t see the menu… His lack of money for glasses (or untreated diabetes – whose to know which) had left him unable to see the print describing the items at this Thai restaurant.

I wound up getting him a Shrimp Pad Thai (he told me he didn’t like chicken) to eat there (he said the seats there were nicer than at the bus stop) and I ordered him a soda as well as some rice to take with him.

He wound up migrating from the bar to an actual table due to the more comfortable seating. So I sat at the bar drinking my White Gummy Bear martini thinking about how fortunate I am to be able to order an entree at a restaurant like for my dog (I ordered a chicken satay to go for Moscato), when some people can’t afford to eat there period.

It was like some little miracle reminding me that even though life is painful emotionally right now, it could be so much worse.

That man did me a favor. Yes, it may have cost me $80 (with tip), but really? I came out ahead.

And let me say the bartender at the King and I tonight – who reminded me of Vivienne Westwood (such perfection) – was so incredibly kind. I know some restaurants would not have enjoyed having a man toting around his life in bags walk into their restaurant… however, they were quite accepting.

Thank you. To the man and to that bartender.

I am in a better place tonight because of both of you.

Jumpsuits and JohnnySwim

So first off… THANK YOU to Megan (a girl I know from the real world who has a far superior blog over at Stylish & Scatterbrained) for getting me hooked on the song Diamonds by JohnnySwim (so good! Listen to it on Spotify!!)

Anyway, I had to work today. Fun fun, eh? I got off early at 3pm though, so can’t complain too much. Got to put in the work to get anything in return – as is true with most anything in life.

I headed back up to Compton Hill Reservoir Park (so much to explore there). First with my dog – who smashed my iPhone (that was a $175 fix) and again after the fact (after I got it repaired at the Galleria – apparently the phone insurance I pay for still requires a $200 deductible)

Body Central Jumpsuit Dolce Vita Flats

Body Central Jumpsuit Dolce Vita Flats  Body Central Jumpsuit Dolce Vita Flats Body Central Jumpsuit Dolce Vita FlatsI’m wearing:

A jumpsuit from Body Central ($29.98), Dolce Vita Flats (from Anthropologie – old), and a pearl necklace from Francesca’s.

Project Be Sexier Than A Carebear: Liquid Leather Leggings

Yep, I named my quest to embrace my sexiness… I have jokingly said, “I’m as sexy as a Carebear,” more often these past few days than I would like to admit.

But while that may be said in jest, I truly am trying to embrace this side… if only for work.

Baby steps though.


What am I wearing today?


Body Central Style

Body Central Style Body Central Style at Compton Hill   Body Central Style at Compton Hill Reservoir Park Specifically? The liquid leather leggings from Body Central ($12.98), a lace trimmed trapeze tunic ($19.98), and those BCBG flats that I have been wearing the heck out of.


On my walk to the Compton Hill Reservoir Park (where these photos were taken) I stopped by a (new) favorite located in my beloved Shaw Neighborhood. It’s a coffee shop called Restituo.


Restituo Chalk Art in Shaw Neighborhood   Restituo at Shaw Neighborhood in St. LouisGraffiti table (I love it even if someone did cover up my quote… guess they didn’t like Oscar Wilde’s thoughts)

Restituo in Shaw Neighborhood in St. LouisIt’s all mismatched and repurposed. I love it.


And here’s a few of the self timer iPhone outtakes for your amusement:Body Central Style OuttakeBody Central Style

Body Central Style Outtake

Edited to Add: Found a linkup (via Amy’s Fashion Blog) of Blogging Bloopers – haha

Look What I Got… at Goodwill

look what I got at goodwillI had to just stop myself from starting this post with, “so,” as I have realized just how often I do that. Whoopsies.

Anyway, my neighbor thinks this post idea is obnoxious. We shall find out if she’s right or not. I don’t find it obnoxious at all, but sometimes we can be oblivious to our own faults.

Penniless Socialite hosts a LinkParty called, “Look What I Got,” that happens on Thursdays (PS – she asked me to do a giveaway for this week’s, so go to her post to check it out and let me know if you like Altar’d State as well!). I thought I would participate (besides treating someone to something at one of my favorite stores), but with a twist. I will only highlight things that I got at Goodwill. Not resale shops, not other thrift stores, just Goodwill.

You see while I don’t mind putting down $400 for a dress, I also don’t mind not putting down $400 for a dress. I know some bloggers talk about things that they’ve thrifted (and maybe I am being obnoxious or conceited here), but I think I score some things that you’d never imagine were thrifted at a Goodwill. I want to show that these types of finds are not only possible but can happen frequently (if you know what you’re doing). Goodness… maybe my neighbor was right and this post is going to come across as obnoxious. Eeps.

Hopefully this won’t appear that way. But what were my recent Goodwill scores?


$595 NWT Goodwill rag & bone find

NWT rag & bone goodwill find "Hyde" pants

NWT goodwill rag & bone findThese NWT rag & bone $595 “Hyde” Merlot colored skinny jeans with lambskin leather front panels. Paid a whopping $14… which tells me Goodwill knew they had something… but didn’t quite know what. My guess? They didn’t notice the tag (shoved in the pocket) and thought they had a rocking pair of pleather pants – haha


DVF silk top from Goodwill silk flowy DVF tank from Goodwill  This silk flowy Diane Von Furstenberg tank with an awesome back. Super flowy. Super fun. For under $3 (it was half off due to it being the right hang tag – plastic thing – color)



Not too shabby for Goodwill, eh?

Trying to Embrace Sexy

I’m not a sexy girl. I feel like I am the antithesis. B thinks otherwise… that I have an ambiguous sex appeal. Chameleon-like. Resulting from my ability to pull off Blair Waldorf as well as I can pull off Rocker.

I don’t think so though…

At Body Central though? They sell sexiness. They sell the fantasy. They sell the clothes that are supposed to transform you into a sexy person. Transform you into a confident girl whose confidence grows with the height of her heels.

While I do wear high heels from time to time… I don’t hug my curves at the same time. I am a subtle sexy sort of girl. I am trying to step out of my box though and I started today by wearing a dress that hugs some of my curves (not a body con… I’m not quite ready for that yet). Funny thing? A customer told me that my outfit was perfection… when really? It was not my best work. I don’t know how to dress sexy so I imagine this bridge to this look (for work) will be a bit awkward at times.

photo 4-30

photo 1-59 photo 2-67You can see it hugging my butt… That’s something I try to avoid. Trying to step outside my comfort zone though…

photo 3-52  photo 5-13I’m wearing a dress from Femme Boutique in St. Louis (on Manchester), boots from HauteLook (last year), tights from Target, and a necklace from a craft fair (though there is a remarkably similar one at Body Central right now)

On Saturdays We Wear Plaid

Okay, so I know today is Sunday, but I wore this outfit yesterday (Saturday) and it seemed like that must be the case. Out of four employees at Body Central, three of us were wearing some form of plaid. Actually all three of us managers were… Each styled entirely differently.

And yes, I took the management job at Body Central. I will (maybe) talk about that whole ordeal later…

plaid and a tripp nyc vest with rung boutique skinny jeans plaid and a tripp nyc vest with rung boutique skinny jeans 2Is it weird that I am rather happy I, essentially, no longer have a thigh gap? There might be a little light shining through my legs… but it’s basically gone. Eating out with friends and not punishing myself for it has made me a WHOLE lot happier than that gap ever did.


I’m wearing that cool plaid top that you last saw HERE – a friend of mine bought it on a trip to China… oh the perks of having a friend (who travels the world)

It’s paired with a cool (believe it or not jean material) moto vest. Fully studded. Fully awesome. From Tripp NYC (Orig $159)

Distressed Skinny Jeans from Rung Boutique on Manchester in St. Louis ($20)

And in the spirit of wearing things I’ve worn on this blog before… I want to share a post I really loved reading… Over at Amy’s Fashion Blog she participated in a Monthly Remix. I think buying clothing you’re going to get lots of wear out of is SO important (I always tell Anthro customers to think about cost per wear). Consequently, I LOVE this post concept and her showing how she wore a vest as a part of SO many different outfits.

Now that I’ve exhausted my daily Caps Lock limit… I’ll end this post.

Looking to the Sun

It’s now pretty much looking for the sun as St. Louis has been rain, rain, rain as of late.

As much as I love the Fall, I’m not always fond of this transition period between Summer and Fall… I loved living in Seattle a lot due to how calm I felt the weather changes were. Seattle, I hope to see you again soon


I’m wearing a jumpsuit from a local boutique (the only downside is it’s a bit sheer on bottom, so you have to pair it with tap shorts underneath) and a floppy hat from Anthropologie.

moscato luxe fur bench from AnthropologieThe bench has arrived!

There is a flaw with it… but something I should be able to fix with the help of Home Depot. I would exchange it instead of going through the hassle (because it’s amazing), but Anthropologie is sold out AND I waited 2 months for this bench due to a back order…

So I wouldn’t be able to get another one and based on how bonded Moscato the dog is already with it I can’t do that.


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