5am Thoughts

“It’s 5 o’clock in the morning… conversation got boring”

So, I have major issues sleeping sometimes. This morning what was I thinking?

  1. How cool is this sewing shop on Arsenal Street in St. Louis?? it’s called City Sewing Room and it is drop in sewing classes. You show up, tell the girl what you want to make, and she helps you make it reality. I’ve literally driven by SO many times and finally decided to look it up when I couldn’t sleep this morning. I NEED to get in. I need to refine my “self-taught” skills badly
  2. N and I need to hang out more… aren’t we adorable?
    Yelp Old Hollywood Ball at Union Station
  3. And most bizarre… is it me or do Beaches and Fried Green Tomatoes have a LOT in common? let’s review:
    • The main characters (both female) meet when at least one is a child.

    • They separate and become reunited later in life – one character going out of their comfort zone (Hillary and Ruth)

    •  They separate again due to marriage and reunite again when those spouses turn out to be jerks (Hillary’s husband cheats on her… Ruth’s husband beats her)
    • It is revealed that Hillary and Ruth are both pregnant
    • Hillary and Ruth both wind up dying, leaving Idgie and CC to take care of their children (a boy and a girl)

I mean, isn’t that a crazy amount of stuff in common?


Photos from the event I went to last night to follow at a later time.

Review: Russell Stover “Big Bite” flavors – Pumpkin Pie, Apple, Pie, Pecan Pie

I don’t normally do food reviews. I was in no way paid to do this one either. I don’t think Russell Stover would have been happy with the results had they paid me.


Last night (after work) at 11pm, I found myself at Dierbergs. Innocently walking in about to grab a quick bite for dinner and I saw these baskets of this new product. Now, Russell Stover has made these AMAZING Big Bite S’mores for awhile… So I was intrigued enough to stop and check out these flavors I hadn’t seen. Pumpkin Pie is the one that grabbed my eye… but I felt I had to buy all three – Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and Apple Pie. Apple Pie was the one that had me the least convinced.


I don’t have pictures of the Apple Pie one, I tried to eat that one on the way home. The key word being “tried.” After the second bite I felt like I had made an unsound decision to eat a Cinnamon Apple Glade Air Freshener it felt so chemically. Literally the spices tastes like an air freshener smells. Made me feel so incredibly sick… and the chocolate coating made absolutely no sense around this… I think the chemicals could have held this one together they were so strong.


big bite russell stover pumpkin pie and pecan pie

The other two (shown above) I had actual hopes for.

I have had Pumpkin tasted everything imaginable… Pumpkin Pie Maltballs, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin scones, pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pecan butter, pumpkin pie chocolate bar, pumpkin pie cupcake… you name it. I’m addicted.


However, the only one that maybe could be eaten in its entirely (if you were truly hungry, or a young child who just wants sweets and doesn’t have fully developed taste buds) is the Pecan Pie… but I could only muster a couple of bites of that as well… but it was the only one that did not taste chemically.


Of particular note is the inside of the Pumpkin one. If you glance back up at the image I posted, the inside is a nice pumpkin color… However? In reality… ? This is what the insides of the Pecan Pie (top) and Pumpkin Pie (bottom) ones looked like… Do you see any hint of a pumpkiny orange color? I surely do not. The Pecan Pie one, did resemble the photograph though.


big bite russell stover pecan pie pumpkin pie big bite russell stover

The pumpkin pie one had the same chemical taste as the Apple Pie as well… and I feel like they might not have used actual spices, but rather flavorings… I don’t quite know… I just know it in no way resembled either the picture of an actual pumpkin pie.

So in short? My $3 experiment wound up being taking one for the team. Your taste buds should thank me (the entire ride home after taking a bite of that Apple Pie one, I felt like I was inhaling air freshener). If you’re going to buy a Big Bite, buy the S’Mores one… It’s fabulous… probably because they didn’t truly have to flavor anything.


Now let me go wash my mouth out with some listerine… Or drink a Black Cherry Thomas Kemper soda, because I finally met some pumpkin I didn’t like


WINNER of the Jimmy Choo Contest

So I used Rafflecopter’s lovely random feature.

The winner (who won by her “Follow Me On Vinted” entry) was Leigh Ann. Send me an email with your shipping information and the bag will be on its way to you :)

(I also emailed you in case you don’t read this!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

On the Edge of Something Beautiful

So, my quest for a different job seems to very likely becoming an actuality. Similar to what I’m doing now, but something I’m more passionate about… and no, not a job at Altar’d State (though I would love to work for that company someday). I won’t go into any more details as it’s still not finite (far from) – it’s just closer than it was during my last post.

photo 4-25photo 3-44

photo 1-50 photo 2-56 photo 2-57  photo 3-45 Yes, I went to Cliff Cave County Park… but it’s so beautiful there…

I’m wearing:

Backstory Pullover from Anthropologie (currently available) (last seen HERE)

Cargo Pants from American Eagle Outfitters that were the perfect length (purchased for $15 from Vinted)

Chestnut brown Sandal Wedges from Francesca’s – of which I now have to replace – I lost one down the cliff… and no, I’m not joking.  I have traveled on these trails and up these rocks many a times in improper footwear (including completely treadless super old converse) without issues. The model from THIS photoshoot, wore Sam Edelman harness boots (her choice, I tried to convince her to switch to tennis shoes climbing up – she did whilst climbing down though!). Lesson learned.



and btw: the Jimmy Choo giveaway has about 7 hours left. Get in on the action HERE

Adventures in Hiking

So I have had the last couple of days off, which has been incredibly wonderful.

I have been uncertain about my career goals for the past month or so, so this time off has given me time to think about what I really want in life. It’s a humbling thing to be sitting at work and realize that your sole job is to maximize profits… I’m not sure that’s the main goal I really want with my life. So I have decided to start applying for jobs within the state that actually would require a Sociology degree… I’m not sure if I would make this shift if given the chance, but I can say this shift would allow me to devote more time to my goal of becoming an Economist.

I decided since I have to go back to work tomorrow, that I would spend some time in nature today. This works out well, because as a St. Louis blogger, I’ve been wanting to take more photos of different spots in our city than South City (though Tower Grove Park will always get a lot of post time)

The last time I was at Cliff Cave County Park was for a photoshoot for the now-on-hold Juxtapose Magazine (in St. Louis), shooting with JustLiv Accessories, our model Erin, and Jovian Photography

juxtapose magazine forest gatekeeper spread DSC023414You can see the full spread HERE (and it’s amazing) – click the arrows to make it full screen.



Anyhoo, I’m not nearly as cool as Erin… but… you know ;) photo 2-54I’m wearing: An Urban Outfitters distressed tank with a high low turquoise skirt.


Serenity now.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

So I was blog browsing today… I had the whole day off and Moscato seemed to not like my idea of spending the whole day together… what’s a puppy parent to do?

Anyway, I stumbled upon Two Thirds Hazel. Her blog title reminds me of John Green (oh Hazel Grace…), but it was her blog post regarding fear that got me thinking. I knew I wanted to write a blog post about fear.

afraid-of-no-ghostI know that I don’t actually write a considerable amount on this blog. A few sentences here or there, without much in between. But I think it’s time to change that. Time to be a bit more vulnerable than normal. Starting with this post. I didn’t think I would go that route when I decided to titled this post after a Ghostbusters quote, but I think that’s the right thing to do.

People fear different things. Erin at Two Thirds Hazel says she fears papercuts in the eyes. That’s a valid fear (who would want that or wish that on anybody else??) My fear isn’t that though. That’s not something I think about, dwell on, or that keeps me up at night. My main fears are of a different variety.

I shared this is in the comments on her blog, but I doubt anyone read it… So I’m going to put it here. Right on my own bit of “rented” internet property.

I drive a VW Jetta. I bought it used, but it was in perfect condition. Truly it was immaculate. This was back in 2008. Today? My VW Jetta is anything but perfect. It’s had hubcaps stolen (I quit replacing them after awhile as they cost $50 a piece used – as they have the VW logo), part of the chrome trim peeled off, hail damage, one side has a few small dents from where I rear ended someone, and the other side? It has a series of giant white scratches and a massive indent into the wheel well.

When I mention that particular blemish to people, I lie. I tell them it was someone who hit me and didn’t stick around and that I never got it fixed because I didn’t want to pay the deductible and have my insurance increase. That’s pretty far from the truth. The truth scares me.

I was driving down the interstate. You know how sometimes when you’re in a city on the interstate there are concrete barriers on both sides of you (not tall, but they’re there – probably to muffle the sounds). That’s what I hit.

You might be wondering what’s so scary about that. Besides the impact, I mean. Well, I’m starting to cry as I type this, because it’s the why I hit that.

I was driving along one morning, on my way to a therapy session, when I notice there’s someone standing there. On the interstate. We have a lot of people begging for money in the city, part of me thought it was that, but part of me thought that that made no sense. Those people stay on sidewalks. At stop signs or stop lights. They’re not on the interstate.

It was then that I noticed as I got closer, they started running. Towards my car. They were trying to kill themselves, using my car as the bullet.

I not only scraped the side of the concrete trying to avoid this, but I also wrecked the transmission on my car (my car now requires the emergency brake to be used every time I park) from being so frantic that I tried to throw my car in park while it was still moving.

I just remember the silence. The silence and the terror.

I know someone stopped, having witnessed the whole thing, talking to me about calling the police, but I don’t remember anything else they said. I remember circling my car not believing that I had not hit this person.

I didn’t report it to my insurance.

I didn’t tell anyone.

I didn’t speak.

I still don’t really speak about that. I am still fearful. Every time I see someone on the side of the road I get a lump in my throat. Of what could have been. Of what I could have possibly done… How I came so close to killing someone. To being an integral part of someone’s suicide.

I don’t even know their name. Or what happened to them after that.

Maybe I need to get the dent fixed. I don’t know. I do know this ties in with my second fear of my past.

Some are ashamed of their pasts, but I’m not. I’m afraid of mine.



I’m as settled as I ever hope to be…

So the people over at lover.ly sent me an email asking me if I would be interested in blogging about weddings. Specifically if I would pick a wedding dress available through their site based upon one of three backgrounds (for a wedding) of my choosing.

Now, I’m not the kind of girl who wants to get married… As I told the person who emailed me, I feel like Idgie Threadgoode. The title of this post is a quote of her’s from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.

However, I do love weddings… I’ve been in a few and to even more… So I agreed to participate and chose the “Rustic Chic” backdrop. I allowed Fried Green Tomatoes to be my inspiration. I truly believe if Idgie and Ruth had gotten married that Idgie would have put on a dress (she did for the trial), because she would do anything for Ruth.


Here is what I came up with:

if Ruth Jamieson married Idgie Threadgoode, this is what I believe their wedding would look like.

if Ruth Jamieson married Idgie Threadgoode, this is what I believe their wedding would look like.


Ruth and Idgie were entirely different people, with different styles and personalities. Ruth was definitely feminine and clung to tradition. Consequently, a vintage inspired dress by Temperley London (available HERE through Lover.ly) seems an inspired choice. Her love of lace and feminine frills would likely cause her to love these heels from BHLDN. The fact that they’re booties demonstrates how Idgie has rubbed off on her. (Anthropologie’s bridal store – available HERE through lover.ly)

I imagine Idgie would be willing to wear a wedding dress, as I said, but definitely one that while feminine, appears of nature. Two pieces (as a true dress would take away too much of who she is) makes this Daughters of Simone dress perfect. Idgie would likely go barefooted.

Mason jars filled with flowers blends their two styles together more seamlessly as do the Geronimo balloons, allowing some of Ruth’s sophistication to shine through the rustic backdrop.

Weddings combine families. So don’t pick a side. Just pick a seat.


*lover.ly is a website geared for those on the path to getting married. It’s designed to make wedding planning easier by helping you pinpoint what exactly it is that you want your wedding to be, what’s important to you regarding your wedding, etc. It does this through a massive searchable database, wedding and dress quizzes, and much more!


**oh and less than a week left to enter the Jimmy Choo giveaway! Details are HERE!

A quick note

I am verifying entries… hence me asking for usernames, URLs, etc (for additional entries beyond blog comment)

If you are lying, then I am deleting… and putting “OK” in place of the URL and username does constitute that… so sorry for the person who did that for all of their entries, because they won’t count.

Thank you for those being honest and providing such information. I love ethics <3

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Because who doesn’t love a dog… and a Jimmy Choo giveaway?

So life’s been easier without that third job. So much more relaxed. Still hectic, but better. I have time to myself and time to breathe.

Anyway, I was on my way to buy a gift for my pal Kristin (former coworker) for her birthday and stumbled upon this Frenchie bag. Completely ridiculous, but I had to buy it. It’s from Aldo Accessories and is only $40 in stores – it’s more expensive online HERE for some reason… (there’s also some wallets – including a Boston Terrier one too). Definitely not my usual type of choice for a bag, but we all know how much I love dogs…

Besides, I had a dress that it would match in the most hilarious of ways. The Cavorting Canines dress from Anthropologie.


WEARING: Cavorting Canines dress (old, from Anthropologie), Lush Lacings Belt (old, from Anthropologie), Frenchie crossbody bag from Aldo Accessories

and as much as I love dogs, I’m sure some people love Jimmy Choo bags.

I’m going to be giving away my well-loved (aka I wore it and there are some flaws – but it’s still incredibly usable) Jimmy Choo Malena… because I don’t use it anymore – like at all – and figure maybe someone else will want it.

It is leather and suede – which is why the bag gets smooshy.

It has RiRi zippers (yay! as not every Jimmy Choo bag does and those are great quality metal zippers – some might say these zippers are overrated, but they are fabulous)

The lovely detailing such as flat head screws on both sides.

It features the lavender nameplate on the inside with the nameplate on the outside complementing the bag color (as it should be)

The lavender zipper underside (as it should be)

Suede on one side (where it is against the body when wearing) does need to be cleaned. The other side – the visible side – is fine

Suede interior with a zipper pocket and an open pocket and a side (inside) pocket

Definitely a great – but heavy – bag (please read the terms and conditions regarding who is eligible based on shipping costs)

Pic Overload:


– all the Giveaway options are optional except for commenting, because you have to do something so that I know you want the bag. Once you complete that entry, the other entries will load (it might take awhile for Rafflecopter to load below… be patient). Don’t lie either, because I can and WILL track it. If you don’t provide links to blog postings and usernames for vinted (if I don’t know them), then I will delete those entries.  I will also know on threadflip as well… so don’t just click those as having done them, because I can and WILL remove entries that are falsified as it’s not fair to those that have only checked off things they have done.. you know?


Any issues? Shoot me an email

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Flower Child

I am a flower child with the occasional rock and roll heart… and a gypsy soul.


Because of that I put in my two week’s notice at Weissman’s last Monday… today was my last day. I’m going back on Friday to give a coworker a birthday gift… and I’m meeting them next week as they all want to have a goodbye lunch for me (their idea).


Oh how I will miss the land of tulle… and sequins.


Those wonderful, wondrous women. The kindest coworkers I’ve ever had were within those walls. Walls I have called one of my homes for the past year and a half.

A necessity though. A necessity for my sanity… and it was the logical one to drop, because my ever changing availability was not very fair on them (I firmly believe a job should be benefiting from your employment as much as you’re benefiting from your paycheck)

photo 5-9

Do & Be Flower Child dress photo 4-22 The dress is from Do & Be. I purchased it from Vinted (a girl on Facebook said I should check it out). While I am not certain how impressed I am with Vinted, they did give me a $15 credit for signing up (to exclude shipping – must be used in one transaction) – so this dress (that was NWT) cost me less than $3… Can’t complain about that, at all.


and goodness, I need to get my hair redone.


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