So I went in to fill out paperwork today and as it would have it the store manager either quit or was fired… Should make my first few weeks as the 2nd assistant manager a bit more interesting ;)

Anyway, I went thrifting recently to get jeans to wear to this new job… Yep, that’s part of the uniform and I actually don’t own any denim colored jeans… I own colored denim and a pair of gray ones… but none that actually resemble jeans. Problem. I also didn’t want to shell out $188 for a pair (I tend to buy AGs) that I’d only be wearing to work… so I bought a pair for $3 instead…

I also bought the skirt you see me wearing for $4… I’ve been wanting a skirt with a bow on the waist. It’s actually striped – which you can’t tell in the picture. It’s marked as a size 8, but there’s no way as it fits my waist fairly perfectly and I’m a 2 or 4 depending…  Sometimes even 0 if it’s a skirt or dress in a brand that’s more generous with their sizing….

My top is 5 years old and from Target – haha.

I’m also wearing Chuck Taylor’s that I painted scenes from the Lorax on. Yes, as in Dr. Seuss

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  1. Good luck with the new job and congrats on being the 2nd AM. Also you find some great items at the thrift store.

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