Flower Child

I am a flower child with the occasional rock and roll heart… and a gypsy soul.


Because of that I put in my two week’s notice at Weissman’s last Monday… today was my last day. I’m going back on Friday to give a coworker a birthday gift… and I’m meeting them next week as they all want to have a goodbye lunch for me (their idea).


Oh how I will miss the land of tulle… and sequins.


Those wonderful, wondrous women. The kindest coworkers I’ve ever had were within those walls. Walls I have called one of my homes for the past year and a half.

A necessity though. A necessity for my sanity… and it was the logical one to drop, because my ever changing availability was not very fair on them (I firmly believe a job should be benefiting from your employment as much as you’re benefiting from your paycheck)

photo 5-9

Do & Be Flower Child dress photo 4-22 The dress is from Do & Be. I purchased it from Vinted (a girl on Facebook said I should check it out). While I am not certain how impressed I am with Vinted, they did give me a $15 credit for signing up (to exclude shipping – must be used in one transaction) – so this dress (that was NWT) cost me less than $3… Can’t complain about that, at all.


and goodness, I need to get my hair redone.

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