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I’ve decided I’m going to give away my well loved Jimmy Choo Malena sometime soon via this blog. Stay tuned for details when I have more time to figure them out.

I don’t use the bag at all anymore and would love it to go to someone that might not be able to ever own a Jimmy Choo purse otherwise. Yes, it’s been loved, but I’m certain someone else can love it as well.

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  1. OMG what an amazing giveaway you are planing. I would love to win the handbag. I hope you have a great week.

  2. Ugh! I didn’t notice that you have a Jimmy! The Malena is the leather and suede one, right?!?

    • Yep, that’d be the one Dani! It has the RiRi zippers too!

      The only problem with the suede leather combo is that it makes the bag slouchy and the suede on the side near your body darkens over time as it rubs up and down your clothing :/

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